Culinary vacations’ popularity has increased significantly over the past couple of years. We’ve all started to realize that the best memories of our vacations involve food.

Adding culinary activities to your stay is one of the best ways to experience the culture of your destination. Many great locations worldwide cater to one’s appetite, but some stand out above the others. These are five amazing places to go for a foodie vacation.

Mendoza, Argentina

Although many great wines come from Mendoza, did you know that the city also has a vibrant food scene? This is a perfect spot for those looking to experience all the good things a good travel destination offers. One of the best ways to experience the culture of your destination is by participating in a wine lunch at one of the local wineries. Their restaurants have fantastic views of the Andes and serve up multi-course meals usually accompanied by various wines.

Paris, France

There are many fun things to do in the city that will enhance your sightseeing and create lasting memories. One of the most fun ways to experience the culture of your destination is by visiting one of the many street food markets in Paris. This is a great way to taste the city’s food.

Tuscany, Italy

One of the most popular activities a foodie wants to do in Italy is taking cooking classes. This will allow them to prepare their own homemade pasta and learn how to make great Italian sauces. This experience can be found in various areas of Italy, and there are plenty of wine tasting tours and cooking schools.

Lima, Peru

Peru has a vibrant food scene due to its multicultural population, which includes immigrants from various countries such as China, Japan, and Spain. This allows the country to create a unique and diverse food culture. The food scene in Peru has been growing over the past couple of years. The country’s signature dishes, such as the chicharrones and ceviche, are becoming very popular worldwide.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a great food destination with various restaurants and food stalls. One of the best ways to taste the city’s food culture is by taking a food tour. There are a variety of restaurants in Hong Kong that are not only great but also have foods that Western travelers have never heard of before.